Coach @t Game Jam ODB

I was a music coach in GameJamODB. Thanks to the guys of DevsDungeons and Akiba Kei Córdoba, for the organization and everybody who was there doing the games and the awesome soundtracks.

Towel Defence - OST

Towel Defence is a smash button game in HTML5 and playable trough a browser or android. Design and idea by Christophe Bugetti, code by Oliver Stadie and music by me.

Live @t Sala Tempo

4 September 2016 at Sala el Templo (Almendralejo) thanks to culturachip's crew, El Templo owners, and everybody who was there.

NES chiptune workshop @t Universidad de Zaragoza

Chiptune workshop at Universidad de Zaragoza, thanks to the nice guys of retroaccion for the organization, chud011 for great support, and of course to everybody who was there.

Spacejacked - OST. Update: Won the Best Linux* Game at Intel© Level Up 2015! 

Spacejacked won the Best Linux* Game at Intel© Level Up 2015! Congrats to the guys of Rotten Mage, it's been a pleasure to participate in the project.

8bit/Chiptune Workshop and Concert @t Malaga

I did a chiptune workshop at La Casa Invisible and a concert at La Caverna de Los Amores in Malaga (Spain). Thanks to everybody who was there and the guys of Familiar.

Videogame music introduction workshop @t Cosfera

10 April 2015, workshop on chiptune composing in Cosfera. The event was promoted and coordinated by the cool guys of Devs&Dungeons.

Elders of Madness @ game by high school students

Elders of Madness is the result of seven months of hard work in which the development team was formed by 120 students from high school and supported by great professionals of the sector, such as indies, famous youtubers, musicians and bloggers from the specialized press. The goal was to motivate students on art creation, graphic design, music and programming, by linking them to the curriculum. Link

Autodesk's Tinkercad

Autodesk's Tinkercad is a web based easy-to-use tool for creating digital designs that are ready to be 3D printed into physical objects. Users are guided through the 3D design process through 'Lessons', which teach the basics before moving on to more complex modeling techniques. You can learn how to use it, as well as listen to my music in their official youtube channel.

Armillo Game

Armillo is a rolling platforming game in a sci-fi parallel universe that features regular 3D and 2D speed-run inspired worlds. Its sound team had been extremely cool by providing the game with music coming from authentic old 8bit platforms such as Game Boy or Amstrad. I, among other artists, had a role in the sound design by creating some of the ingame music. The game is available at Nintendo's eShop for the Wii U. Thanks for the support of chiptune/8bit music.

Live @t Sala FunClub

Playing live with other members of CulturaChip at FunClub Concert Club. As part of the at the Familiar #1000 event. On October 5 2013. Vj and visuals by Sinkabeza. Picture by Fernando Brea. Thanks to the Familiar crew and of course everybody who was there.

You are in control 2013 invitation

Music at the intro video for You are in control. Event that will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland on October 28-30, 2013. Video by sitrus

Various Artists - 100 Years of Noise

[EN] I contributed with a track and a small interview on Enoughrecords's 100 years of noise, a compilation project celebrating the 100th anniversary of 'L´Arte dei Rumori', the first artistic manifesto concerning noise music. Celebrating the Public Domain Day part of it were released under cc0 license. Download from Cover by Love Through Cannibalism

With the help of the nice guys of Tesla Orchesta hrough the awesome Open Spark  Project.

Live @t Invasores de Culturachip V0.1

[EN] I took part in the Invasores de Culturachip fest in Sevilla (Spain). A free and public meeting of members of culturachip collective. Playing live, and giving a workshop on computer music composing for the amstrad/spectrum/msx computers . Information avaiable (only Spanish) in their site . Small video here. Visuals by Love Through Cannibalism

KUT - Passion Fans Arcade’s Survival

Intro and outro music for the video of KUT's article featuring Arcade Ufo produced by Liang Shi.

Workshop @t Familiar Fest #0011

The nice friends of Familiar invited me for giving a initiation workshop on obsolete computer music making . Centered on MSX /Spectrum/ Amstrad. No special skills are needed. Photo by Familiar crew

live @t Familiar Fest #0011

[EN] I've invited by the nice friends of Familiar for playing live on April 9 at Sevilla (Spain). Information avaiable (only Spanish) in their site. The sesion was recorded and can be listened below. Photo by Enrique Carnicero

Greets to fisicomolon for donating his old cpc464, Grim for helping with the replayer, the familiar guys for arranging the festival and of course everybody who was there :)

Computer Music Magazine (Nov 2006)

Si conoces quién escribió el artículo (o fuiste tú), avísame :-).