The Black Dot: Nine songs composed for the Nintendo's Game Boy game portable device. Styles vary from easy videogame music, transitioning to some heavy metal to happy pop and some dance/pop.
Published on October 2017

The Pirate And The DancerSeven pop alike songs composed and played by Nintendo's Game Boy. Styles goes from happy pop to caribean and latin music. Cover art by Love Through Cannibalism
Published at  Enough Records, September 2013

Straw fields: Five epic/medieval/rock songs in this EP played with a single ZX Specturm AY's chip. Cover art by Raquel Meyers.
Published at Enough Records, March 2011

Pop Singles Compilation 2014: A big and growing collection of songs that are not part of any album or compilation.
Singles 2005-Present

Pop Singles Compilation 2014: Songs composed for friends's indie games releases for free. Style goes from happy synth-pop to classic chiptune.
Singles compilation 2014
gig's n' contest: Songs composed between 2011 and 2013 for online competitions and live gig's that are released as a compilation album. Styles vary from celtic music, rock, disco..... All sound come from a ZX Specturm's AY chip.
Singles compilation 2011-2013
Collaboration - Split Albums

Collider: Split EP composed and recorded from a Game Boy Color in collaboration with the Spanish artist Chud011. Several styles are presents such as dance, trap, ska or rock ballad.
Collider 2014