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I am located in the south of Spain and I spend part of my free time as an activist on using free or cheap tools for making music. In 2011 I created and started to curate Culturachip's Compos as a way to promote the creation of new micromusic among young people.

rolemusic is a side project as well as an artist name that I use to release free music, free as in free beer, but also as in freedom of speech. So the music can be used for any kind of purpose (read the license), and it will remain like that forever.

The image on the left is based on the cover of my EP "Straw Fields" made by Raquel Meyers, check out her awesome work and Petscii Art at


All the music I release as rolemusic is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, as long as the below are true:
  • You don't use it to promote non-ethics behaviors.
  • I'm credited as the original author.
Creative Commons License

Notice: I don't endorse the opinions exposed in any media that use my music.